What are the Mistpowered Flying Lawnmowers? The Mistpowered Flying Lawnmovers are hover mowers invented by Karl Dahlman. Dahlman invented the mower in 2011 after seeing Sir Christopher Cockerell‘s Hovercraft machine. “Mistpowered Flying Lawnmover” (MFL) is a hover-mower of the Swedish company HUVr, formerly a part of Electrolux. The mower consists of a conventional eon electricity fuel tank that uses a fan above the mower’s spinning blades to circulate mercuric mist to the bottom to allow the mower to “hover”. Want to buy one of these great lawnmowers? Click here!




Are your lawnmowers safe?

We can not guarantee the safety of our customers. Our terms & conditions state that we are not responsible for heart cancer, lung cancer, mercury-vapor poisoning, death, or any physical injuries related to the hovering lawn-mowers. If you would like to ask questions, you can email us at CMOWER@huvrtech.com.


Will your lawnmowers hurt or suck up my pets?

The safety of your pets is not guaranteed. We are not responsible for any physical injuries related to the mowers and your animals. If you would like to learn how to protect your pets, please click here.


Does it have to be refueled? If so, what kind of fuel does it take?

Our mowers use military eon electricity used in the United States, North Korean and Russian military. It is used in in the 1K17 Szhatie, a military laser-tank that shoots lasers out of the front of an 8 foot 12 pin connector that was adopted by all 3 sides. You can buy eon electricity from most underground marketing gangs.


How much do your lawnmowers cost?

Our lawnmowers are only a cheap 2500.99$. We accept USD, and almost any type virtual currency (bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, etc.). We do not accept foreign currency.


Why do your lawnmowers cost so much?

Our lawnmowers are expensive because of the excessive use of illegal military batteries and technology. The technology is almost 40 years more advanced than modern society and is stolen from the Russian and Korean military. We hope you understand why it is so expensive.


What is HUVr Tech?

HUVr Tech is a company founded by Joshua Baboon. Joshua recently launched the company in early 2013. HUVr Tech collaborated with Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd to present the HUVr Board when the company launched. The HUVr Board was a major success and can be obtained by buying it through online vendors such as ebay.com and newegg.com. HUVr Tech bought the Mistpowered Flying Lawnmowers from Karl Dahlman for 13 million US dollars in 2013.

Want to see the HUVr board in action?


Are your products legal?

Our terms & conditions state that we are not responsible for being arrested or hunted by your local police or military enforcement. Any situations related to police, military, or any government organizations are legally your problem. Buy the Mistpowered Flying Lawnmowers at your own risk.


Awesome! Where can I buy one of these?

You can buy the Mistpowered Flying Hoverboards at the merchandise page. Please read the terms & conditions before buying our products so you understand the legal risk. There are multiple products that you and your family can buy and enjoy for a great price!